Home Design Trends of 2020

If you are in the process of remodeling or redesigning your home in 2020, you likely want to be in the ‘know’ about what trends are currently hot and popular. Much like fashion or social trends, home design trends will always evolve and change with the times. Here is a list of just a few of the current trends that designers and homeowners are loving in 2020.  Call Kitchen Remodeling Kyle CO.

Calm & Tranquil Tones

There was a time not long ago when interior paint jobs were vibrant, and exciting. Playful tones and ‘in-your-face’ colors were all the rage for those who wanted to feel more modern and ‘cool’. However, that trend has quickly passed, and modern designers are opting for hues that are calmer and more tranquil. Colors like natural greens, beige, soft pink, soft blues, etc., are all the rage in 2020. This is because homeowners are placing a higher value on their living’s spaces feeling more peaceful and warmer; as opposed to playful and energetic. 

Multiple Textures

Textures throughout the rooms are another trend that is rapidly on the rise when it comes to design in 2020. In years past, room design valued uniformity and minimal texture. Things were smooth, and flat–that seemed modern and unique at the time. Now moving into 2020 texture is all the rage. Designers are choosing things like wicker, dried flowers, different textured fabrics and cushions, etc., Varying textures make the room feel more dynamic and organic–just make sure you don’t go overboard!

Eco-Friendly Materials

Perhaps the most popular design trend of 2020 is the eco-friendly and sustainability factor of materials used. Modern homeowners and interior designers are finding it far more appealing to go with environmentally conscious and ethically sourced materials, over mass produced and synthetic ones. Natural woods, organic bamboo, reclaimed materials, and other such options are all the rage for home design in 2020. 

Bold Ceilings

Most of us are familiar with the concept of an accent or ‘statement’ wall. This is a wall that is painted or even wall-papered to contrast with the surrounding walls. Well, in 2020, that trend is moving towards accent ceilings instead. Many home designers are opting to paint the ceiling in a bold or contrasting color to add a bit more of a fun flair to the room as a whole. This is a guaranteed way to make your living spaces feel totally unique and interesting, without committing to anything too permanent. 

‘Rough’ Bathrooms

Previous years have seen ‘spa’ like bathrooms become a rising trend across the home design industry. However, that trend of decadence and luxury has made a rapid exit. Modern home designers are opting for more rough and organic feels to their bathrooms instead. This is through using polished smooth concrete surfaces, rainfall shower heads, organic material surfaces, etc., Bathrooms in 2020 are more akin to bathing in a rain forest than a spa, and it’s far more relaxing than you’d think! 

In Conclusion

It’s clear to see that the modern home design trends are headed towards a more organic, sustainable, and ‘rugged’ appearance. Homeowners want their homes to feel more welcoming and earthy, as opposed to vibrant and exciting. This is reflected in all of these new and unique home design trends in 2020.

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